Shri C. C. Shah Sarvajanik English High School

Vision / Mission / Values

In the last ten years of my total tenure as a principal of C.C.Shah Sarv. Eng. High School I have left no stone unturned in uplifting the standard of the school with utmost honesty and sincerity. My Board’s as well as the local results and performances other than the academics are the valid proof of my claim.

In the last four years of my career i.e. from 2014 to 2018 I wish this school and its glory to touch the zenith.

I want to implement certain things into practice in a way that for a new principal it can be a smoother road though it may not be a cakewalk as education can never be an easy task.

Till this date I’ve succeeded in maintaining the harmonious ambience not only with my own staff but also with the others in the campus. I don’t want to make only a tall claim, but with everyone’s sincere endeavors would surely like to create magical results in all the public and local exams and also inspiring the taughts for all round personality development. But before that perfect disciplined ambience I want to establish so that the moral fibre which is broken almost can be mended.

Like the present year I wish my school to procure hundred percent result in the XII board exam(Science faculty) every year unfailingly.

As many schools of the city are facing the crisis in the form of having inadequate number of students, I will try hard to retain or increase the number of students by maintaining the good standard. I want C.C.Shah High School to be beyond all such threats and perils.

Without spending much or blowing many trumpets; very serenely I will keep on working for the betterment and all round development of my kids.

As now what I am it is just due to my alma mater, so in return I will always be loyal to her.

My aim won’t be of shaping the students in my mould, but I want them to bloom in their own natural way.

I want to establish one thing very clearly that the schools need not offer five star amenities, but should or must impart the knowledge with full honesty & sincerity. To learn the lessons of life a palace is not needed. Only a humble roof with a saintly sage with ken is sufficient.

Before I retire I want this school to be put on the educational map.